Who’s Getting Talked About This Week [Anagram-a-rama]


One of our favorite regular features in the late, great SPY magazine was their monthly anagram analysis of buzzed about personalities. Geeky? Yes. Oddly fun to read? Double yes. So we’re ripping it off in homage and adding a tiny twist — we’re asking you to correctly ID this week’s overexposed cultural names below. Play along, and find the answers after the jump. Hint: They’re all at least semi-related to the film world.

1. Icky Eek Rumor

2. Crime To Us

3. Mach Jag Hunk

4. Rich Tie Guy

5. Bad Framer Fond

Answer Key

1. Mickey Rourke

2. Tom Cruise

3. Hugh Jackman

4. Guy Ritchie

5. Bernard Madoff