Iggy Pop’s Cockatoo Has the Only Instagram You Need to Be Following


Everybody loves a social media account made for a pet because, after all, wouldn’t we all prefer to look at pictures of adorable puppies rather than pictures of beach landscapes, delicious meals, and effortlessly attractive selfies? (Okay, maybe I’m just bitter.) But the holiest grail of them all is definitely the low-stakes world of celebrity pet accounts: They offer us a stripped-down glimpse into the life of a star without the typically inauthentic glitz and glamour.

Some of the more popular celebrity pet accounts include those of Lady Gaga’s dog, Miss Asia Kinney, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette Lagerfeld, Miley Cyrus’s cat, Shanti Om Bb, and, of course, Paris Hilton’s dog, Princess Paris Jr. (RIP Tinkerbell, it’s almost been a year since we’ve lost you.)

But even in the exciting world of petstagrams, there has been a surprising lack of animal diversity. Aside from Cara Delevigne’s bunny rabbit, Cecil Delevigne, most celebrity pet accounts are limited to adorable dogs and pretty pussycats.

That’s why it was so exciting to find Biggy Pop, the Instagram account for Iggy Pop’s pet cockatoo. The account has only been active for two weeks and, as of now, only features six posts — all of which are videos — but it’s already showing great promise. Many of the videos find the beautiful bird playing with Iggy Pop and/or reacting to the icon’s music, but some of them are unique — like the account’s first post, which sees Biggy and Iggy cuddling on a reclining chair while the William DeVaughn’s “Be Thankful For What You’ve Got” plays in the background; or even the most recent post, which involves Iggy getting a “Flintstone shave” from Biggy, who is happily nibbling on Iggy’s face for the video’s duration.

The account has had something new every few days. Here are a few of the best.