Chance the Rapper is the Protector of Chicago in Saba-Assisted “Angels” Music Video


Last October, Chicago-based Chance the Rapper released one of the year’s most instantly uplifting hip-hop songs, a beautiful, inspirational track called “Angels” that featured some help from fellow Chicago-bred rapper Saba.

The two debuted the empowering track during a performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and later released the single to iTunes — for free, of course, as has become somewhat of a Chance tradition.

Today, Chance unveiled the visual accompaniment to the song, five months after first releasing the single to iTunes. With no previous announcement regarding the music video’s impending release, Chance tweeted a link to the video with nothing other than “*NEW* Angels ft Saba VIDEO.” as the caption and a link to his website,

Although the video’s release does seem a little out of nowhere and maybe a little late, it was worth the wait. Acting as a superhero, Chance flies across the Chicago skies, rides atop moving subways, and turns into an animated superhero for brief glimpses. There is plenty of Chicago scenery throughout, as well as shots of the city’s youth. There’s even a cute moment at the end where Chance and Saba do a choreographed handshake-cum-choreographed dance routine a la Lindsay Lohan and Simon Kunz in The Parent Trap.

Watch Chance the Rapper turn into Chance the Superhero in the video below.