Sookie Is Back: Melissa McCarthy Is Joining ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival


For months and months — oh, the terror — we were lead to believe that bonafide Hollywood A-lister Melissa McCarthy had outgrown her home with the Gilmore gals, too busy bustin’ ghosts and being the boss and calling herself Tammy to cook an on-screen dinner and get into some charming, pop cultural banter. So much worrying. But, it was all for nothing! For we’ve just learned that Sookie St. James will return.

The news broke on Ellen. “I’m going to go back and do it. [Series creator] Amy Sherman-Palladino is going to squeeze me in to do it. I’m very happy to go back to Stars Hollow.” She announced it, according to the clip, a mere two hours after the deal was done, and McCarthy was very visibly excited to be rejoining the show for what will be a four-movie occasion on Netflix.

The movies, either one of them or all of them, are scheduled to premiere this year, but Netflix has yet to set a release date. Watch McCarthy on Ellen below.