Lego Karl Ove Knausgaard Is a Thing of Prosaic Beauty — of Course


The best joke-Instagram in recent memory was undoubtedly tasteofstreep, which sees Meryl Streep placed within, atop, beside (and other prepositions!) assorted foods. But the internet is a place of unfettered creativity, divinity and stupidity, and there’s another dumb-smartly wonderful Instagram account to keep up with. Meryl may have been fantastically repurposed as cake and spaghetti, but now Karl Ove Knausgaard has been remade — with fittingly lucid realism — as Legos doing very everyday things that you may recall from any of his Struggle[s].

First, we have Karl and his wife, Linda, as Legos, with a scene from Book 2, in which a very pregnant Linda is locked gets locked in the bathroom:

And here’s another bathroom scene with Linda (also from Book 2), following a visit to the doctor after she experienced contractions, which here receives hashtags such as “#lindaispregnant” and “#legokarlove”:

Here, likewise from Book 2, is Karl eating lunch with his mother and Linda, and fretting over whether to send back a buttery fish soup (this, like many others, received hashtags such as “#emasculation” and “#humiliation”):

From a scene on which Karl and a pregnant Linda are on vacation and being recklessly speed-boated around by Karl’s acquaintance:

And lastly:

Visit the Instagram account for more intimate Norwegian banality. According to the account, you can request your favorite scenes from the creator.

Spotted on The New Republic.