The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Russell Crowe


Russell Crowe isn’t the first name that comes to mind when we think about live comedy, but the extremely serious Gladiator actor was game to poke fun at his own humorlessness and introduced a few amusing characters to audiences. Still, SNL went heavy on the genital humor and other low-hanging fruit. We’re not sure if that’s a product of their uneasiness with Crowe’s grave tone or if the actor just couldn’t resist the writers’ jokes about duck vaginas. See how it all went down last night, below.

The Best

“Hillary Clinton Addresses Her Losing Streak Cold Open”

Hillary Clinton wants you to know that she really loves New York, and she’s happy to use her Metro card the “old-fashioned” way.

“Russell Crowe Monologue”

We expected singing from a crooner like Crowe, but sure a John Nash/58008 joke will do.

“Preparation H Ad”

It’s a cheap laugh, but it’s hard to resist Beck Bennett and his deadpan.

“Politics Nation: Voter I.D. Disaster”

The real Al Sharpton shows up to talk about which presidential candidates are winning favor with black voters. Spoiler: it isn’t Trump.

“Interactive Museum Exhibit”

The Henry VIII of England hologram wants to be your baby daddy.

“Match Finders”

Crowe does his best Freud impression (with ponytail) and obsesses about all the vaginas. It’s totally juvenile and expected (enough with the game shows already), but there are some amusing and weird characterizations in here — like Todd the Instagram model with a glass eye and Kenan Thompson’s quirky host.

“Weekend Update”

The subway/Ted Cruz rant wins the sketch: “We don’t have values in New York. That’s why we all came to New York — to escape weird people with values like you.”

“100 Days in the Jungle”

Crowe really goes for it as “your uncle’s friend Terry” who used to live in the backyard in a tent.

The Worst

“Pogie Pepperoni’s”

Beck and Kyle make better bro humor than nerd humor?

“Shanice Goodwin”

As much as we are down for Leslie Jones in a ninja costume, the subtleties fell a bit flat and probably would have fared better earlier in the evening.


And the return of Mike O’Brien passes without notice into the night. Le sigh.

Musical Guest: Margo Price