Jon Snow Is Still Dead in New ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer


Not to spoil the surprise, but after being stabbed a bunch at the end of Game of Thrones‘ fifth season, Jon Snow looks pretty dead in this new trailer for the sixth. (His continued deadness has also been confirmed by HBO and a previously released snippet of footage.) Also in the trailer? Some war chants, some scheming Lannisters, a wise-cracking Tyrion, a perceptive Davos, the shadow of a dragon, and a general air of ominousness.

Daenerys’ dragons and Tyrion don’t seem to be getting along, but that isn’t even the most dreadful situation. As one of the very cool White Walkers says, the true war is between the living and the dead. This, and the general ascendance of the White Walkers in the show’s world, beg the question: will Jon Snow be one of them, and will this show end up being about an eventual truce between the living and the dead, rather than a simple throne, the ownership of which must be controlled by games?

We’ll find out on April 24. Until then, watch the trailer below.