Lena Dunham and Chris Gethard to Host an “Under the Sea Gender Fluid Poly Prom”


It might not feel like it, but winter is over, spring is springing, and that means it’s nearly time for prom season for all the teenagers in the U.S. This is an exciting time, where kids on the verge of adulthood can let loose with their friends as terrified teachers look on. It’s a stressful time, too, thanks mostly to movies that establish expectations by prioritizing plots virginity is lost and pig’s blood is dropped on the prom queen. Praise be to The Chris Gethard Show, then, for hosting an “Under the Sea Gender Fluid Poly Prom.”

The show announced the prom via its website, and it gets better: it will feature appearances from Lena Dunham and They Might Be Giants. It’ll also allow real-life teenagers to Skype in and ask out their prom dates live, on-air? Possibly with the help of Gethard and/or Dunham? That’s just a little bit cooler than like, a note asking to check a box next to “yes” or “no.” It’s gonna be a big show!

In fact, it’s gonna be so big, that even Gethard is aware of the risk. “I am so motivated to nail this one that I promise you, whether it’s a complete success or a total disaster, this will be an episode for the ages,” he says.

The prom will take place on Thursday, and will air later this season.