Louis C.K. Has Millions in Debt Thanks to ‘Horace and Pete’


By all accounts, including ours, Horace and Pete is a great show! It’s a great idea, too: have Louis C.K. and his buddy Steve Buscemi star in a low-key dark comedy, and make it available online, sans-network. Oh, and even better, have Louis pay for the whole thing himself, so he can maintain complete creative control. Perfect! Except, without the direct-to-consumer pipeline of a network, few people have heard about or are willing to pay for the show, and so Louis hasn’t recouped his money, forcing him to take out a line of credit to the tune of millions of dollars! Poor Louis.

All of this was revealed on Howard Stern’s radio show, and Stern gave solid advice to Louis once he heard news of Louis’ pretty dire financial situation: sell the damn show to a network. If you’ve already created it how you want to create it, what’s to lose? Well, apparently Louis planned that all along, but before he sells to a network he wants to promote the show some more and get some more of that cash, and then sell to a network.

Anyway, listen to the interview below. Louis sounds pretty calm about the whole thing, considering the amount of debt. Then again, as a famous comedian with legions of fans to act as revenue stream, it’s probably fitting that he’s not too stressed.

If you wanna check it out, do so here.