What We Learned from the ‘Broad City’ Twitter Q&A: Ilana Still Hasn’t Pegged, Abbi Loves Phish


As Broad City continues its impressive third season, which has seen a new focus on character growth and multi-episode story arcs, it’s safe to say Abbi and Ilana are on a roll. It was a nice treat this afternoon when the two took some time out of their very busy schedules — and, as you’ll find out in one of the answers below, they are very busy — to plant themselves on Twitter to answer the questions of some of us plebes.

Many of the answers were given in video format, which meant that the two of them could pretty rapidly (and satisfyingly) respond to questions, so there’s a whole heap of stuff in their respective Twitter feeds. It was fun to watch, and their personalities certainly came through. And no, before you ask, they weren’t stoned while they did it.

We’ve collected some of the highlights below.