Amy Schumer and Jimmy Fallon’s Camera Rolls Reveal Questionable and Hilarious Life Choices


A piece of advice: If you’re ever offered the opportunity to swim with a pig in the Bahamas, you should refuse, lest it swim up and bite you. This pearl of wisdom comes courtesy of Amy Schumer, who, during her appearance on Fallon last night, shared the story of how her friend was injured in a horrific nautical-porcine-biting accident. (She also shared a photo of her and her friend standing next to the pig, just prior to the incident.)

The pig was actually just the opening salvo of a larger conversation between the two on some of their odd personal photos. Schumer and Fallon both found a few images that caused them to question each others’ life choices, including Fallon laughing at a closed Carls Jr. in Los Angeles, Schumer’s post-beignet-(and cocaine?) pics in New Orleans, and Fallon’s mustache, anywhere.