Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim Made an Italian Cuisine-Worshipping Music Video for Kanye’s “Famous”


As Kanye continues to attempt to agitate the stagnated controversy that began years ago when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs — and was recently reignited in his The Life of Pablo song “Famous” — two other artists have made a hot-button unofficial music video for the song, which will likely perpetuate the controversy. Indeed, they’ve deigned to throw the polemic of pasta, and other assorted Italian dishes, into the mix. Brace yourselves for the think pieces, everyone.

These bold artists, bearing the hard-to-stomach message of multiple courses and copious wines, are none other than Master of None creator/star Aziz Ansari and his co-star, Eric Wareheim. Apart from being a cute and amusing video between a “Lil Bud” and his “Big Bud” (two buds we’ve seen Ansari and Wareheim play in the past), the location of the video also may suggest — albeit certainly doesn’t confirm — the filming of the second season of Master of None. If you recall, the end of Season 1 implied that the second season would see Ansari’s character Dev gleefully swimming in his own culinary-school-enhanced pasta in Italy. And alas, this music video seems at once its entity and a potential teaser into the life Dev fantasized about — and seemed to be embarking upon.

Ansari had recently said that he planned to take his time on conceiving the show’s second season, and that it would be expected to be released in 2017. Perhaps this is a coded indication that it’s well on its way.