Jessie Ware Reunites with ‘Devotion’ Producer on The Invisible’s “So Well”


“I always thought I knew you so well. Now I can’t tell.”

This is a sentiment all of us can relate to — you know, that feeling of finding out that your best friend, or your lover, (or, like, your dog), or anyone you know is actually a devil when this whole time you had been thinking that they were an angel. As shocking as it may be for most of us, it seems like Jessie Ware, one of our world’s greatest treasures and an actual angel, is just like the rest of us. Even superhumans get hurt too, I guess!

On “So Well,” Jessie Ware reunites with Devotion co-writer and producer Dave Okumu for a feature on a song with his group The Invisible. The single is taken from their upcoming nine-track album. Titled Patience, the album, which is the English group’s third since their debut in 2009, is scheduled to come out on June 10 through Ninja Tune.

In the meantime, take a trip up to heaven by listening to “So Well” below.