Stephen King’s ‘The Mist,’ Already a Movie, to Become TV Show


A movie about a terrifying body of mist is not enough. There must be a television show about a terrifying body of mist. And so there will be an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist coming to Spike TV, it’s just been announced.

This isn’t totally new, as a pilot for the show had already been ordered. But that wasn’t so long ago, and now Spike has put in a straight-to-series order for a show based on a book that was turned into a movie not even 10 years ago. And it wasn’t even a bad movie! King just can’t get enough Hollywood money; that’s why his last name is King.

Sharon Levy, exec vice president of original series at Spike, had this to say: “From the brilliant mind of Stephen King and the incredible production team at TWC-Dimension TV, The Mist will take audiences on a thrilling ride through a small town grappling with a mysterious and shocking horror.”

The series is so far limited to 10 episodes, which should be plenty of time for our characters to get to know the titular mist and the creepy things that live within it. Now, really, to the source’s credit, like all good horror stories The Mist manages to create a claustrophobic environment for all of its characters, testing their ability to cope and their will to survive. So there’s every chance that this could be a great TV show. There’s also a chance that it could end up like Under the Dome.

The Mist is expected to premiere on Spike TV sometime in 2017.