Watch Sarah Silverman as Betsy Ross on Dan Harmon’s ‘Great Minds’


Dan Harmon created Community and Rick and Morty, but he’s also got a new show on the History Channel, and it’s called Great Minds. Sarah Silverman, who we can assume has been friends with Harmon for years, makes an appearance on the latest episode as Betsy Ross, the woman who made the American flag. Silverman plays her almost exactly as she might play herself, which is OK because it’s a pretty funny bit.

The long segment is a blast, as Betsy reveals that she had several alternatives to her stars and stripes flag. She also discovers and attempts to endorse Bernie Sanders, though she’s not exactly great at performing in front of a camera. That’s fine, though, because she ends up making Bernie a flag anyway. What she doesn’t make, and what we’d like to see her make, is the mask she proposes for covering up the face of Ted Cruz, whom she describes as having a “vagina” nose.

For his part Harmon manages to give a pretty nice speech about what it means to be special, which is to not be special but to do things and make things that are special, so as to become special. Which seems very roundabout, and maybe self-negating, when written down, but sounds very inspirational when he says it. So watch the clip below; be inspired!

Great Minds with Dan Harmon airs on the History Channel at 11:30 p.m.