Vaginas Take Center Stage in NSFW ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Trailer


Amy Schumer’s humor doesn’t play nice with censorship, so thank goodness Comedy Central decided to unleash an NSFW trailer for the new season of Inside Amy Schumer. And when we say NSFW, we mean very NSFW. Maybe even totally NSFW. (That’s VMETNSFW, if you’re following.)

Schumer’s never been shy about bawdy humor focused on her lady parts, but this trailer is almost entirely that, and hilariously so. There’s synchronized water breakage, vigorous self-stimulation, and the eating of yogurt to make one’s vagina taste like nothing. There are references to Pitch Perfect, Game of Thrones, Hamilton, and various other movie and television properties that feature, as Schumer plays them, not-smart people from the South. It has Rachel Dratch! Basically, it’s got it all.

Watch the trailer below. Inside Amy Schumer’s fourth season premieres exactly one week from today, on April 21.