Nick Jonas Almost Calls Julia Louis-Dreyfus Old in New ‘SNL’ Promo


Every week, Saturday Night Live shoots a nifty little promo for the upcoming show. In the promos, the host and/or the musical guest often awkwardly crack wise with a select cast member. This week, that host is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the musical guest is Nick Jonas, and that cast member is Aidy Bryant. So, needless to say, it’s a pretty good week as far as minute-long SNL promos go.

I won’t spoil the whole plot of the thing, because what’s the point in watching if you know that Aidy Bryant makes a joke about being married to Nick Jonas, or if Nick Jonas almost says that JLD is old enough to be his mother, or if Aidy Bryant mistakes JLD for Richard Dreyfuss, which is something we’ve all done at one point or another? Why watch if you know all that?

JLD is appearing on this show at this particular time because her beautifully hilarious HBO series Veep is having its fifth season premiere on April 24. Nick Jonas is on the show because he’s a gay icon, and it’s springtime, which is when gay icons bloom, traditionally.

Watch the promo below!