Watch the Trailer for the Sci-Fi Mockumentary About a World Where Men Stopped Being Born


In the vein of Zelig, No Men Beyond This Point is a mockumentary about a fantastical concept, where the “interview” and “historical footage”-heavy format creates a disorienting contrast between an amusingly outlandish idea and the style of filmmaking we’ve been conditioned to consider the most authentic and unquestionably truthful. The mockumentary comedy now has its first trailer, which you can watch below.

In the film, fatherless pregnancies through parthenogenesis starting in the 1950s have led to three generations of all-female children, and now men are nearly gone altogether, and women are determining what to do with the ones who remain. The youngest man in the world is 37 — a nanny named Andrew Meyers who gets caught up in men’s rights battles.

The film, directed by Mark Sawers, was screened at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, and was picked up for distribution by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

[Via Indiewire]