Breaking News: First Episode 30 Rock’s New Season Online!


Thanks to a tip off we’ve just discovered that the first episode of the highly-anticipated third season of 30 ROCK is now up on Hulu. [TVgasm]

The past few weeks of watching TINA FEY on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE has been a bit of a tease, so we’re excited to have more Fey, even if it is just 21 minutes and 35 seconds of her.

Before take our laptops and stowaway under our desks to go watch this, the synopsis says that Liz Lemon tries to keep the staff of TGS WITH TRACY JORDAN from ruining her chances at adoption. Interesting.

After the jump, a few pre-viewing guesses about what we think will go down in the season premiere.

The entire cast of MILF ISLAND shows up on set to strike for higher wages.

EDIE FALCO returns as C.C. Cunningham. She and Jack Donaghy get hitched; she runs for President and in the vetting process, upsetting secrets are revealed about Donaghy’s past.

Tracy Jordan’s pornographic video game causes weird health side effects that turn players into flesh-eating zombies.

Kenneth Parcell returns from the Olympics a changed man after having a fling with a member of China’s gymnastics squad.