Naomi Watts to Play the Therapist of Your Nightmares in Upcoming Netflix Psychological Thriller Series


Netflix has a new project in the works called Gypsy, starring Naomi Watts. Unfortunately it won’t see her playing a singing, dancing and vicariously-living stage mom at the end of the vaudeville era (though there is, incidentally, another version of the Gypsy in development, from Barbara Streisand.) However, though you may feel teased (or turned off) by the name’s recollection of a Gypsy that brings to mind Ethel Merman singing faux-salacious show-tunes, this sounds very promising.

Watts will, according to Variety, play a therapist named Jean Holloway (it sounded familiar until I realized I was thinking of “Jill Soloway” — perhaps that’ll likewise save you the trouble of contemplating where you heard the name). Holloway begins developing intimate relationships with people in her patients’ lives, and though the details of said intimacy haven’t been described, they’re obviously scandalous or dramatic enough to merit a 10 episode first season of the hourlong series. These relationships are also weird or inappropriate (or some other adjective — who knows?!) enough to send into psychological thriller territory — as that’s the label it’s received.

The first two episodes — which was created by Lisa Rubin — will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, of Fifty Shades of Grey; the show is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2017.