Listen to Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions’ Record Store Day Release


Hope Sandoval, as an artist, comes to and goes from public attention pretty sporadically, but when she returns, she always returns strong. In March, we posted a new song that Sandoval recorded with Brooklyn psych-rock band Psychic Ills. Today, we’ve got a split record she released for Record Store Day along with her band, the Warm Inventions.

The project sounds a hell of a lot like Mazzy Star, but it’s a collaboration with My Bloody Valentine’s Colm Ó Cíosóig, and whatever you might expect his pedigree to bring to the table, it does. The two songs on the new release are “Isn’t It True” and “She’s in the Wall,” and both of them have maybe a bit more twang than you might be expecting.

The whole thing is a tease of the band’s first new album in seven years, which will be released later this year. Listen to both songs below.

UPDATE: Here’s the official video for “Isn’t It True.”