Watch: Samantha Bee Battles Optimistic Bernie Bros in ‘Full Frontal’ Clip


Today is the New York Primary, so here’s a little bit of political entertainment. There’s plenty to be said about what Bernie Sanders can and can’t do based on his very long track record, but most of what Hillary Clinton and the Republicans have been saying boils down to: Bernie shouldn’t be President because his ideas are too lofty and, thus, not realistic. This is an idea confronted by Samantha Bee in a new Full Frontal clip, which mimics a recent bit of hers in which she interviews and attempts to understand Donald Trump supporters.

Bee and her team manage to assemble a typically “diverse” Bernie crowd, which includes a woman with a Bernie tattoo and a man with a “backwards hat” and “attitude.” The clip isn’t as successful as her Trump bit, mostly because Bernie’s supporters are — the clip presupposes — delusional in a way opposite to that of Trump’s. That is, whereas Trump’s supporters want things to regress to some idealized past America, Bernie supporters want things to progress to some idealized, apparently unreachable future America. However, when it comes down to it, mocking naïve optimism just isn’t as funny as mocking hatred.

Watch the clip below. There is an animated unicorn pegasus, which is pretty nice.