Watch Savages Perform “Adore” on ‘Ellen’


Savages are a pretty hardcore band from England, and they make music that is spare, thrilling, and filled with dark hope. They also wear only black. Ellen DeGeneres is a legendary comedian and lover of animals who hosts a talk show that is best known for forcing people to dance and hosting internet-famous singers. She loves wearing tweed blazers and turquoise cardigans. These things don’t seem to be a match, regardless of how progressive Ellen is in her personal life, yet Savages still performed live on Ellen’s show this afternoon.

The group played “Adore,” Adore Life‘s long-lasting single that has been the band’s signature track for quite some time now. It’s a shame, too, because, though the track is maybe the most appropriate for the most amount of people, it’s also one of the least interesting tracks on the album. Can’t blame the band for playing it safe with the Ellen audience, though: in 2016, an Ellen co-sign is basically an Oprah co-sign.

Watch the performance below. The joy on singer Jehnny Beth’s face at the end of the performance is worth the price of admission alone.

Savages are also currently on tour.