Emily Blunt Is a Wreck in This ‘The Girl on the Train’ Trailer


In the first trailer for the film adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ hit thriller, The Girl on the Train, Emily Blunt is consistently on the verge of tears. To be fair, she is in what is likely to be the first in a parade of Gone Girl-esque adaptations, so can you really blame her?

The Girl on the Train, a 2015 bestseller frequently honored (and mocked) for being “the next Gone Girl, follows the dueling unreliable narratives of Rachel (Blunt) and her ex-husband Tom, played by Justin Theroux, over the events leading up to the disappearance of Theroux’s nanny, Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett).

The trailer reveals that Rachel and Tom both look suspicious: Rachel, who claims she saw Hipwell from the train just before she disappeared, can’t remember what happened the night before and may or may not be stalking Tom. Meanwhile, Tom and Hipwell seem to have been engaged in an affair, which is never a good look during a police investigation. Who did what? Cue the mind games.

The Girl on the Train hits theaters October 7.