Daily Dose Pick: Society6


Cutting out the middleman, Society6 offers a creator-driven online marketplace for affordable art.

Operating on the premise that community aids commerce, Society6 is social networking at its targeted best: artists and designers can connect with other studios, sell their work directly, and even hook up with companies offering commissioned collaborations. Wannabe curators, meanwhile, can put together a gallery of shoppable artwork from the gallery of prints featured; other collectible items will go up on the site in 2010. Think Etsy with less arts-n-crafts or 20×200 with more crowd autonomy.

Sign up for Society6, keep up with the blog, collaborate on a project, and read about Society6’s role in the creative revolution.

The Portal, $49.99, by Tatiana Willis.

Pinball Publishing Scout Books, in collaboration with Lloyd Winter.

Yeehaw fabric by Christiane Engel, printed by Spoonflower.

Way Up High #2, $41.60, by Christina Shafell.

Infinite Jest print for the Kitsune Noir Poster Club, $50.00.

Drippy Family and Dash Snow prints ($31.20) by Mario Zoots.