This Is How to Describe Animal Collective to Old People


Last week we challenged Flavorpill readers to write us a sentence or two about how you would attempt to describe Animal Collective’s music to your grandparents. Our four favorite attempts would win a prize pack in celebration of AnCo’s latest two releases: The Fall Be Kind EP on CD and the Brothersport single on delicious vinyl.

Well, we’ve picked our winning responses, and we decided that they were too accurate not to share. Click through and let us know if you agree with our selections.


“Imagine if they made a soundtrack for The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test? Remember that Gramps? Didn’t you drive that bus?”


“It’s kinda like when Gramps wakes up in the morning, takes a dump, and then goes back to bed. Now imagine if Gramps was playing the banjo in the bathroom while taking that dump, and the oldies station was playing from that radio in the kitchen with bad reception. Imagine that on his way back to the bedroom, he’s still playing the banjo and you can hear his slippers shuffle. Church bells go off in the distance and you hear a morning dove moan. Gramps kicks a toy xylophone on the ground by mistake and then, as he rustles the sheets getting back into bed, he whispers that he loves you in your ear before going back to sleep.”


“It sounds like John, Paul, George and Ringo falling down a rabbit hole into Wonderland while simultaneously drowning in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river. Their instruments are controlled by dolphin brains.”


“You know that bizarre show your grandkids/great-grandkids are watching, The Teletubbies? This music is like if these costumed characters had brains and instruments and had a party with way too much candy.”