Watch Teen Wolf Perform New M83 Songs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’


M83’s recently released album Junk was kind of weird, kind of ugly, kind of bad, but infinitely intriguing, and it doesn’t need any gimmick beyond its sounds to sell it, but that didn’t stop singer Anthony Gonzalez from dressing up as Teen Wolf when the band performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night.

At least, we think that’s the singer dressed up on stage, but we can’t really tell. The vocals on this track are so heavily modified that it could be anyone up there. Hell, it could be an actual teenaged werewolf! (But, probably not.) It seems random that Gonzalez would choose to have his new album represented by an icon of the ’80s, but his album does sometimes operate as a long love letter to the sounds of that decade — and a few sounds from earlier decades, too — so, really, it kind of fits. Especially when you remember that the Teen Wolf was pretty cool as well as pretty lame, which seems to be the distinctive, maybe grossly “hip” irony he’s gunning for on this album cycle.

Anyway, watch the performance of “Do It, Try It” below. M83 also performed “Go!” exclusively for the internet (that’s us!), which you can watch here, too.