Finally, NYC Is Getting a Tim Burton-Themed Bar. How Stylishly Ghoulish!


While watching a Tim Burton film, maybe Beetlejuice, maybe Edward Scissorhands, maybe Sweeney Todd, do you always think to yourself: man, I want to drink beer in the atmosphere of this film? Maybe chew a burger while Johnny Depp chews the scenery? Well, today’s your lucky day — so long as you live in New York City (and who doesn’t?) — because, as Gothamist reports, a new Tim Burton-themed bar and restaurant called Beetle House is opening in NYC’s East Village.

The dining room space is available via spooky reservation only, but planning ahead is worth it, as the website cheekily claims that meat is sourced “from 100% innocent humans captured wild on the streets of NYC.” But no, really, it’s organic, chemical free meat. Food options include things like Sweeney Stew or Edward Burger Hands or, sigh, Eggs Skellington. (Why there’s no Ed Wood’s Wood — a piece of reclaimed wood — is a mystery to all of us, though maybe that’s more of a Brooklyn dish.)

Over at the bar side of things, all sorts of eccentric drinks are on the menu. Try a Big Fish Bowl, or the Bride’s Butterflies, or Alice’s Cup of Tea! Relive your favorite goth-lite memories with these drinks and more — and, did we mention, this is all thanks to the guys who opened NYC’s Will Ferrell-themed bar, Stay Classy? No? Well, it is!

It seems, then, that the owners haven’t changed their bar-opening mission statement, which is to open something that is “really stupid.” But, all snark aside, you’ve got to hand it to these guys. Business is tough in NYC, where rents are constantly climbing and residents move from one hot spot to the next. If a gimmick brings in the big tourist bucks, why not hang your hat on it?

Anyway, the bar is opening by the end of this month. Here’s a picture of one of the drinks. I don’t expect the skull is edible.