Watch Key and Peele Go Through a Painstaking Audition Process with Aspiring Catctors


Yesterday, we learned some trivia about the actual kittens used in the upcoming Key and Peele film, Keanu: including the fact that there were actual kitten auditions, where the film’s director, Peter Atencio, searched to find the cutest seven tabbies to play the titular kitten, who gets kittenapped (ew, sorry) by a gang leader.

Today, Comedy Central — home to Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key’s former sketch comedy series — posted a video revealing the (fake) audition process, and it turns out being a catctor (sorry, again) is just as demoralizing as being an actor. In the video, Key and Peele scroll through footage of their kitten hopefuls on a tablet, being harshly candid in their critiques of each young feline’s work (and of course, some of the less talented kittens completely deserve the honesty).


Keanu will be released on April 29. Read Flavorwire’s SXSW coverage of the film.