Watch Grimes Talk About Fashion, Friends in Brief Ad for Stella McCartney Perfume


Sustainability isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about fashion, what with the endless runway shows and disposable nature of #trends. That’s what Grimes is talking about in this ad for a new (sustainable?) Stella McCartney perfume called POP — a name that connotes everything but longevity and sustainability, though maybe it’s alluding to its recyclability?

In the brief clip, Grimes says things like “Friendship is important to all non-sociopaths,” and the very true “anything executed with confidence can be beautiful.” The collaboration is exciting for two distinct reasons. The first is that Stella McCartney, a very major brand and fashion identity, has chosen to collaborate with one of music’s most interesting voices, and that’s good for everyone. The second is that Grimes working with McCartney, the daughter of Paul McCartney, brings her closer to that man’s sphere of influence, and so maybe Macca will bring Grimes on tour and expose her bright weirdness to the world at large, changing the landscape of pop music forever? Probably not.

Watch the ad below.

Watch the video for “Kill v. Maim,” which is an entirely different vibe.