Watch Dave Chappelle Sing Radiohead’s “Creep” at Erykah Badu’s Birthday Party


Erykah Badu’s 45th birthday was back in February, but we’re only just seeing footage from it, thanks to the all-knowing, all-seeing Reddit. Footage from Badu’s party would be significant enough without any special performances, but footage of Badu’s party featuring the musclebound Dave Chappelle? Amazing. And that he’s singing Radiohead’s “Creep”? Even better.

The footage below shows exactly that, as Chappelle and a group of Badu’s friends and fans crowd a stage and perform the British band’s 1992 song. Chappelle’s singing voice is a little raspy, and his stage presence is robotic at best, and maybe this wouldn’t be so entertaining if it weren’t a famous person singing to a famous person. But, damn, it’s the elusive Dave Chappelle singing a Radiohead song to Erykah Badu! What’s not to love?

Watch the video below. Chappelle isn’t on tour at the moment, so might as well see him on stage any way you can.