Watch: Samantha Bee Talks Harsh Sense to Harriet Tubman Haters


“We all want to jerk off to our money. That’s why they call it the trickle down economy!”

That’s just one of the tweet-worthy quotes from this week’s episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, which is jam-packed with the things. This particular quote is pulled from a new segment that ridicules the opponents of Harriet Tubman’s displacing Andrew Jackson on the $20, a piece of news that broke last week.

For much of America, Tubman’s appointment to currency, though maybe slightly problematic given the fact that our capitalistic democracy is built on slave labor, was very welcome and definitely occurred later than it should have. To the rest of America, though, it was problematic for a different reason: they didn’t want to see Andrew Jackson displaced by someone they felt was relatively insignificant to the history of the country.

In the clip below, Bee tears into these wrong-minded hypocrites, pointing out that their arguments against “altering” America’s history are nullified, seeing as these same detractors, just a few years ago, were pulling for Reagan to take the place of Ulysses S. Grant on the $50 bill. This is to say absolutely nothing of Ben Carson’s suggestion to create a $2 bill, a thing which already exists, though it is somewhat rare. Almost as rare as a neurosurgeon who doesn’t traffic in science — or reality.

Watch the clip below.