Will Ferrell is Going to Play a Very Confused Ronald Reagan


According to Variety‘s sources, Will Ferrell is allegedly playing Ronald Reagan in an upcoming comedy about the conservative president called… You guessed it, Reagan.

Written by Mike Rosolio, the film takes place during the Gipper’s second term, and follows an “ambitious intern” who has been told he must help the president through bouts of dementia by convincing him that he’s playing the president in a movie. (In 2011, one of Reagan’s sons revealed that Reagan may have started showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease while he was still in office.)

Ferrell as George W. Bush on ‘SNL’

Ferrell will co-produce the project with Gary Sanchez Productions. No director nor studio has yet been confirmed for the project, but scripts are reportedly on their way out the door.

Variety claims the project, which made the 2015 Black List (a collection of the top un-produced scripts in Hollywood), has been a hot commodity, and John Cho and Lena Dunham were involved in a live reading of the script performed in March. It shouldn’t come as a surprise; Reagan seems to be a pretty hot topic right now. Depending on how the election goes, he might continue to be when the film actually hits theaters.