20 Contemporary Show Posters That Prove the Art Isn’t Dead


Show posters have a rich history in nostalgic remembrance; unlike a handbill, those photocopied notes plastered on a telephone pole to promote an upcoming show, show posters are often sold (or given away) at a concert or event, meant to commemorate the experience and evoke memories of good times past. For many years, the Fillmore in San Francisco has given out free posters at every show; One of the oldest and most well-known printers, Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee (founded in 1879!) used to sit directly behind the hallowed Ryman Auditorium. But as a new book from Pat Jones and Ben Nunery proves, you can still find artfully designed and printed show posters in 2016, and the rich history and practice has informed new work that has taken the art form to new heights.

In their new book, Show Posters: The Art And Practice of Making Gig Posters, the pair give a brief rundown of the niche art and practice. They detail the tools, methods, and styles of making gig posters, as well group dozens of beautifully printed scans of modern posters into conceptual and practical chapters. Jones and Nunery have their own design firm, Powerhouse Factories, which makes gig posters; many of them are included in the book. It’s closed out by a few artist profiles, in which some seasoned veterans give some insight into their work and the art in general.

Click through for a gallery of 20 selections from the book, and click the cover below for a link to buy a copy.