Three Reasons Why Bryan Fuller Will Save Heroes


When Vulture announced yesterday that they’d no longer be recapping Heroes, we felt both surprised and betrayed. While we’ll be the first to admit that as Will Leitch points out, “The first season completed with a profoundly unsatisfying non-ending at Kirby Plaza, the first warning sign that this show might have had a great premise but nowhere to go with it,” we can’t believe that he’s giving up on the show before Bryan Fuller has a chance to return from his Pushing Daisies exile and whip things back into shape. Leitch, you have to stop walking away from your destiny!

Why are we putting our eggs in Fuller’s basket? Because of the master plan he laid out for Michael Ausiello. Some choice tidbits after the jump.

1. He realizes that if the show is too geeky, normal people won’t care. “It became too dense and fell into certain sci-fi trappings. For instance, in the ‘Villains’ arc, when you talk about formulas and catalysts, it takes the face off the drama. And I think the goal for everybody is to put a face back on the drama. You have to save something with a face; otherwise you don’t understand what you’re caring about.”

2. He realizes that if we wanted to be confused by a large group of people, we’d just watch Lost. “One of the great things about the first season is that the metaphor for their abilities was very clear. Those metaphors seem to have gotten complicated in the past two seasons. I share that concern with everybody on the writing staff.”

3. He realizes that blood sells. “People will die.”