Watch Amy Schumer Sell Guns to Every Single Person Who Wants One


Inside Amy Schumer has returned to TV screens, which means we now have a mirror in which to see our worst selves every week. Schumer’s first episode parodied, mostly, her own sudden fame, but the second episode once again took aim at America’s sometimes perplexing idiocy. We’ve got a clip below that fires a bullet straight through the heart of all pro-gun Americans.

The conceit of the sketch is that Amy is a salesperson on a QVC-esque network, and, just after selling out of Steve Irwin coins, she and her flamboyant sales partner move on to selling guns — which they suggest would be perfect for this year’s stocking stuffers. They sell the guns to literally everyone who wants one, including a man with violent felonies and another who admits he’s on the No Fly List.

There’s plenty more, including some hilarious bumpers at the bottom of the screen, so keep a keen eye out. The flamboyant sales partner was maybe a bit played out, but you’ve got to give it to Schumer for this one: she goes dark as hell, even using a mass shooting as a ploy to get people to buy more guns.

Watch the clip below.