The Punisher Doesn’t Need ‘Daredevil’: New ‘Punisher’ Series Coming to Netflix


Jon Bernthal has finally made it! First he was murdered in The Walking Dead, then he was an awful person in Fury, and then he was a supporting hero in a different hero’s show about heroes. Sure, there were a few good years before that, but he’s truly a bad run of things for a while now. But, all is well, as Bernthal’s Punisher character has been given his own series at Netflix, the streaming provider that can’t get enough of that fresh content.

The character of the Punisher has been around since the ’70s, and has see an on-screen depiction for every decade he’s been around. Bernthal’s Punisher is especially ruthless, though, and was very warmly received by fans. That, plus the growing number of Marvel series at Netflix, makes this announcement not terribly surprising, but it’s still pretty great.

Steve Lightfoot, who worked on Hannibal, will serve as showrunner, in addition to his roles as an executive producer and writer.

Here’s a teaser image from the series.