Don DeLillo to Give Rare Reading


Don DeLillo is one of America’s best-known, best-regarded authors, but people — including him — are making a big to-do of his new book, Zero K. The author is not particularly known for doing much in the way of publicity for his releases, so last week’s interview in the L.A. Times was a real treat. The Underworld author is serving up another one tonight, at New York’s 92nd Street Y, where he’ll be giving a reading, as well as discussing his work with author Dana Spiotta.

Perhaps it’s because last year he was given a National Book Award for Lifetime Achievement, or perhaps it’s because the world has few blockbuster writers who are capable of creating work that makes headlines for quality rather than controversy, but DeLillo’s importance seems to be greater now more than ever.

The event is, of course, most relevant to New Yorkers, but the 92Y often broadcasts these talks after the fact, so be on the lookout.

Zero K hits shelves tomorrow.