Watch: Iggy Pop and His Shotgun Star in Trailer for New Thriller ‘Blood Orange’


What’s more frightening: Iggy Pop, or a shotgun? How about putting the two together? That’s what director Toby Tobias has done in his new thriller Blood Orange, which also stars Kacey Barnfield. Pop plays Bill, an older, wealthy man (rock star?) who lives in the desert with his young lover, Isabelle (Barnfield). Bill and Isabelle seem content to lounge around half-naked while chomping on the titular fruit until several men (Isabelle’s exes?) enter the fray, and Bill brings his shotgun out to play.

The exact plot of the picture isn’t really made clear from the trailer, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing: in a film that seems to be built on suspense, there’s no need to spoil what’s so tense about everything. What we do know is that Bill and Isabelle go after these guys with shotguns, and seem to begin holding them as prisoners. Money is somehow involved, as it always is, and it seems to be implied that Isabelle is a gold digger.

This is Tobias’ first time behind the director’s chair of a full-length — funnily enough, his credits include work on Spice World — so maybe the story doesn’t go beyond that simple premise? Sure looks visually crisp, though.

Watch the trailer below. The movie is out May 17.