Hear a New Radiohead Song, “Burn The Witch,” Complete with Stop-Motion Video


This weekend, British music provocateurs Radiohead shocked and awed by doing the unspeakable: erasing their own web presence. The band’s website went blank, as did most of the social media accounts of the band members. Then, fans in the UK received cryptic pamphlets with “BURN THE WITCH” written on them. Then, a mysterious claymation clip appeared on a social media account associated with the band. Now, finally, a few days later, wow, a full song and video!

The song is called “Burn The Witch,” and it’s one that has been around for a while now, in live settings, though this is the first time a properly recorded, studio version of the song has been released. The video itself tells a vague story, but, regardless of what the story is, it’s still cute and fun to watch, just like Thom Yorke’s dancing!

Anyway, watch it below. Of course, still no news of an actual album release, but this — as well as the tour the band kicks off in a few weeks — is a pretty good indicator that something is on the horizon.

“This is a low-flying panic attack.”