Michael Fassbender to Maybe Murder a Lot of People in New Movie


Michael Fassbender’s whole thing is a little dastardly, right? Something about the guy just whispers murderer — maybe he’s just too good looking? Regardless, he’s set to channel that sinister smolder in a new role as a serial killer in an in-the-works film Entering Hades. And better yet: it’s based on a true story!

Well, it’s based on a book that tells a true story, at least. Written by John Leake, Entering Hades recounts the made-for-Hollywood story of Austrian journalist Jack Unterweger, who had actually been convicted for murder before being released from prison as a good example of the powers of rehabilitation! For a while, Unterweger seemed to manage life as a citizen well, obtaining a minor celebrity status and finding success as a journalist. But, you know what they say: once a murderer, always a murderer!

Authorities soon discovered that Unterweger had been traveling around the world killing prostitutes as a kind of international Jack the Ripper — sometimes even while on international assignment to write about prostitution. His eventual arrest was preceded by a global manhunt, though he ultimately managed to commit suicide. This is all to say that this is going to make one hell of a movie, should it come to pass.

Alexander Dinelaris, who was one of the four Oscar-winning screenwriters behind Birdman, is rewriting an already-finished screenplay. This one is still just barely in-production, but hopefully it’s finished by next year.