Adam Horovitz, Jason Schwartzman, Chloe Sevigny to Star in Film About Warring Brooklyn Families


Alex Ross Perry’s last two features, Listen Up Philip and Queen of Earth, were stellar dramas with chilling black comedy woven throughout, so it’s exciting news that his next picture has been confirmed. Called Golden Exits, the film finds two once-friendly Brooklyn families growing uncomfortable with one another when “a young foreign girl spending time abroad upsets the balance on both sides,” according to Deadline. And that’s to say nothing of the cast, which is one of the strongest ensembles we’ve seen in years — though Mother’s Day certainly put up a good fight.

The film will star Jason Schwartzman (who starred in Listen Up Philip, too), Lily Rabe, Mary-Louise Parker, Adam Horovitz, Emily Browning, and Chloe Sevigny. With the cast and the rough outline of its story, Golden Exits seems poised to serve as Perry’s answer to Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, though instead of the stylized quirk and wit of Anderson’s film, we can probably expect Perry’s to be more sardonic and biting, as his characters tend to be driven by some deep, inherent need to rip one another apart, mentally and physically. Fun!

Watch a trailer for Queen of Earth below to get a good sense of the dread often imbued into Perry’s films.