The Talking Heads Are the Latest Recipients of a Lady Gaga Cover


Of late, Lady Gaga has become pervasive cover artist — singing the standards with Tony Bennett, making those poor hills come alive once again with the sound of music, infusing the national anthem with a proper helping of Vegas, and paying tribute to Bowie with more of an overdose of Vegas. And the latest recipients of a Gaga cover (albeit a less official one) are the Talking Heads. For, last night at an after party for the Met Gala, Lady Gaga did this:


and this:

Yes, that is her singing The Talking Heads’ 1983 Speaking in Tongues hit, “Burning Down the House” and playing the guitar — both with that special Vegas something still intact — accompanied by Mark Ronson, which whom she previously announced she’d be teaming up for her next album.

[Via Spin]