Matthew Rhys, Russian Spy/Welsh Wine Connoisseur, Tells a Wine Related Horror Story to Rachael Ray


Acclaimed TV celebrities and wine seem to be a winning pairing these days: Tituss Burgess has of course started his own brand of Pinot Noir, and The Americans’ Matthew Rhys now has a series in which he and Matthew Goode wander around Italy being respectively very Welsh and English and sniffing and sipping to their hearts’ content. Yesterday Rhys appeared on the Rachael Ray Show — which recently made the news not for Ray’s recipes, but rather for a misunderstanding wherein the host was confused by some Beyoncé fans for the Other Woman (the Becky) in Jay Z’s life, thereby prompting a violent shower of lemon and bee emojis on Ray’s Instagram. But as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, talk wine with Matthew Rhys.

Rhys discusses his new show — The Wine Show — and tells a story about a major faux pas he committed in front of a sommelier, in which he meant to sniff but instead snorted. Watch:

Now watch Matthew Rhys kill someone on The Americans: