Channing Tatum Wants to Create Magic Mike Live Club for Women in Las Vegas


Have you ever wondered what Justin Timberlake would say if he visited you in a vision? Apparently he would tell you to “drop the virtual.” That ole JT is strictly about the reality.

Or that’s what Justin Timberlake would tell Channing Tatum, at least, according to a recent video posted by Cosmopolitan . After waking up and walking around his house (“filled with hot men”), Channing starts trying to figure out what the next step is for his ever-popular Magic Mike franchise. He goes through a series of options, but none of them seem to work: 2-D is boring after having already done it twice, 3-D hasn’t been cool since Avatar, and he’s just not too sure about virtual reality.

Cue Justin Timberlake in one of The Social Network’s best scenes: Sitting at a restaurant table with Zuckerberg & Co., he gets up to make a dramatic exit, but pivots and offers up a piece of sound advice. “Drop the ‘The’. Just ‘Facebook’.”

And that’s when Channing Tatum knew. Magic Mike: Reality. Or Magic Mike Live, as it has officially been titled, which is coming to the Hard Rock in Las Vegas next March.

In the video and in an accompanying interview, Channing tried to describe his mission behind the venture: “We want to create a place for women that is their gentlemen’s club, their Playboy club. It shouldn’t be sleazy. [You shouldn’t feel] nervous to go there because you feel unsafe; we want to create the polar opposite of that.” To execute this vision, Channing asked himself, “What if we created a world where women were given the same options as men have been given for centuries?”

Well, according to Kevin Costner from Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come. So that’s just what Channing decided to do. The hunky actor, upon whose life the movie is roughly based, will serve as the show’s director. Alison Faulk and Teresa Espinosa, who contributed to both Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, will choreograph the show.

After all, “God knows we have enough gentleman’s clubs in the world. Let’s start the first gentlelady’s club…or maybe not so gentle. It depends on what you’re into.” And you can tell Channing what you’re into at the show’s website — he really wants to know!

Watch the full video below. And don’t worry, there are more than enough closeups and slow-mo shots of hot shirtless male strippers washing plates and playing with adorable puppies to go around.