Rob Reiner Bashes Trump, Calls Him a “Lunatic” on ‘Morning Joe’


Now that Donald Trump has become the presumptive Republican nominee, it’s time for the very important people of Hollywood to start making a stance for or against him — though, let’s face it, not many of them are going to fall on the “for” side of things. One of the first to speak out since Tuesday’s very important turn of events — Indiana’s primary, after which Cruz, and then Kasich, dropped from the race — is Rob Reiner, the actor and director who hasn’t seen high relevance numbers since the late ’80s, when he directed the culturally significant The Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally. Now, instead of making good movies he’s speaking on cable news networks, this time MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

While there, Reiner calls Trump a “lunatic” and refuses to give him any kind of political credit while defending Hillary Clinton. He later goes on to discuss the obvious way news and politics have become intertwined with show business, and that that’s to blame for the rise of Trump, who is, he says, coasting on his celebrity, a thing that shields him from being questioned in a way that a typical politician would be.

The segment then devolves into a yelling match, which maybe should have been expected from Reiner. But, what can you do? For starters, you can watch the clip below.