New Radiohead Teaser: Thom Yorke Looks in Anguish For His Car in Existential Parking Lot


Two hours ago, Radiohead shared a new teaser on their Instagram. The claymation-less clip shared for this ostensibly new thing sees Thom Yorke searching through a brightly lit, empty parking lot, seemingly for his car, naturally sparking Dude Where’s My Car references in the comments. (My first thought was Seinfeld’s “The Parking Garage.”)

If the way their recent single “Burn the Witch” was released indicates what’ll be a pattern for ensuing tracks on whatever their new album is called, this could mean we’ll have another Radiohead song (or album?) on our hands today or tomorrow. (The release of the “Burn the Witch” teasers was followed by the unveiling of the full song on the same day.) Or it could just mean that we’ll have this few seconds of Thom Yorke’s existential one-man Seinfeld reboot.

The accompanying instrumentation, while not given enough time to quite resemble a song, provides exactly the type of ethereal experience you… wouldn’t expect to have while searching for a lost car, but that you might expect Thom Yorke to have.

In case this didn’t leave you quite satisfied: