Grimes Teases “California” Video, Replete with Eerie Sculptures, Grape-Feeding, and Other Imagery That Looks Like it Belongs in a Grimes Music Video


This has been a near-overwhelming week for music news. With the media still finding more to squeeze from Lemonade, with Radiohead’s announcement of a new album due out Sunday, with their teaser of a new video followed within hours by its release (and the news that it’s directed by P.T. Anderson… and the realization that it’s spectacular), with ANOHNI’s searing Hopelessness, and with James Blake’s just-released The Colour in Anything, it’s hard to want anything else from an already over-saturated week of rather excellent listening and watching. And yet, there’s more. You’re welcome, and sorry. Grimes has just taken to Instagram to tease her own next video release — for the bubble-gum-chewing-in-a-dreamscape Art Angels track, “California.”

In the Instagram post, she reveals that the video will be released on Monday 5/9 at 10 a.m., then shares a few disjointed clips from it (in keeping with the collage-like series of ornate fashion and bizarrerie we’ve seen in other videos for Art Angels tracks.) We see Grimes twirling a ribbon in a Mondrian-esque gymnasium, a baroquely bejeweled woman feeding another woman grapes, some unsettling plaster busts, and more. Watch: