Paul Feig Disdains “Assholes” of Geek Culture, and the Misogynist Backlash Against ‘Ghostbusters’


There were a few reasons some people took issue with the trailer for the Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig-starring Ghostbusters film: a. people took issue with how the structuring is bizarre and filled with air that leeches both the tension and comedy, (someone recut the trailer, and it’s actually far more enticing) b. people took issue with what they saw to be the stereotyping of its one lead of color and, c. people took issue with the fact that the characters are not men. The difference between the “c” category and the others is that the “c” category is, well, stupid. It’s also probably been the most influential as far as making the Ghostbusters reboot trailer one of most “unliked” trailers on YouTube goes. And director Paul Feig — who’s consistently directed excellent women-starring comedies — it seems has some words for people who’re averse to the film for the sole reason that its ghost-busting leads are women.

Paul Feig spoke with New York Daily News about the negative responses to the film’s trailer, saying, “Geek culture is home to some of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met in my life. Especially after being attacked by them for months because of this Ghostbusters project.”

He continued, perhaps addressing both his misogynist critics and those who voiced concern about Leslie Jones’ character, saying, “I don’t care what shape or size or color or anything they are…I live or die on what things are funny and whether or not people will be entertained by them.”

The article is somewhat disjointedly put together, and so it’s hard to tell exactly what or who Feig is responding directly to. But presumably in response to people who’ve voiced misogynist opinions asking why he cast all women, he brought up Melissa McCarthy:

[She] is just this hilarious woman who is so funny, I don’t care what she looks like. As long as she’s funny and is a professional. She’s hilarious.

Back in September, speaking to one persistent tweeter, Feig had written:

And in case you’ve missed the trailer amidst the controversy, here it is: