A Lot of People Went to See ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Over Mother’s Day Weekend


To all the moms who begrudgingly saw Captain America: Civil War over Mother’s Day weekend: thank you for your service.

Civil War brought in $181.8 million, the fifth-best film opening ever, in its first weekend at the box office, based on ComScore projections. Coming off generally good reviews and benefitting, as Flavorwire film editor Jason Bailey noted, from a favorable comparison to another massive superhero movie, the movie’s multiplex domination should surprise exactly no one. When combined with a full week of international receipts, the film has already grossed $678.4 million worldwide.

According to USA Today, Civil War joins the pantheon of a sci-fi/fantasy epics at the top of the U.S. box office record-books: The films to do better were the two Avengers flicks, Avengers: Age of Ultron ($191.3 million) and The Avengers ($207.4 million), Jurassic World ($208.8 million), and, of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($248 million). Take note: Four of the five domestic openings were Disney films, and three of them are specifically “cross-over” chapters of the greater Marvel series.

Surprisingly, some people did see other movies this weekend. The Jungle Book, which came out on top at the box office for the past three weeks, dropped to number two in its fourth weekend, bringing in $21.9 million. Don’t fret, though, because the surprising smash hit has made $285 million in the U.S., and $776.2 million worldwide.

Mother’s Day came in at number three on Mother’s Day weekend, pulling $9 million, slightly more than it made during its opening last week. The Huntsman: Winter’s War fell to number four, reaffirming its flop status with a $3.6 million weekend. Keanu limped in at number five, with $3.1 million.